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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roadside Flowers

My garden is looking pretty bad this week after all the heat we had.  Nothing new is blooming and what was is looking pretty sad.  So I thought I would show you some pretty flowers I've seen on my travels along the back roads.  I love driving  the back roads because you never know what you might find. 

After coming down around this curve, here is what I saw.  Wild roses growing on a split rail fence.  Aren't they lovely?

I just couldn't stop taking pictures.  They ran along the road for about a mile.

On another trip down the back roads, I found this old barn with lovely lilac bushes.  I also like taking pictures of old barns.  That will be another post.

More road side flowers

I hope you have enjoyed the roadside flowers in Minnesota.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next time.

I'm linking up at Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursday.


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Great post and photos. I take lots of photos of gardens Mother Nature has created too but have never seen wild roses along the country roads here - just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow...very pretty. Back roads are the coolest things. If at all possible I take back roads when travelling. Thanks for sharing.

Larry said...

You are talking about one of my wife's and my favorite things to do... we actually try to get lost and see what we come across... we've had many amazing experiences doing this, especially in New England! It's great fun... Larry

Fishtail Cottage said...

Such sweet roadside photo's! loving the natural aspects of the fence & the blooms... Thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party this week! xoxo, tracie

My Little Home and Garden said...

Those roses were certainly a wonderful find. A couple of years ago I was driving by cornfields and there were hollyhocks blooming between the corn and the road. So lovely, as are these roses!