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Monday, July 30, 2012

Abandoned Farm Place

I found this abandoned farm place not far from town and had to try out my new camera.  This first picture was taken from the road about an hour before sunset.

I decided since the place was abandoned I would walk up the driveway to where it curves so I could see the barn.

There was this old farm house and another shed on the site.  These last 3 shots were taken from the road.

I know you are all wondering what kind of camera I bought.  It is not a SLR.  It is another point and shoot.  I cannot afford a SLR and besides I have a lot of arthritis in my wrists and it is hard to hang onto anything big or heavy.  So I did a lot of research on what the best point and shoot might be.  I decided on a Canon Power Shot SX260HS with 20X optical zoom.  These are all SOC except for resizing and were shot with the Apeture setting.  I have been trying to shoot using that setting instead of on auto.  So far I am loving the camera and the 20X zoom. If anyone has any suggestions for taking better pictures, let me know.

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This and That and an Award

Last week was very busy.  I worked 2 days at the lighting store where I haven't worked for over a year.  That tired me out.  My friend and I made floral arrangements for our church's pie and ice cream social.  Plus I got a new camera that I have been spending a lot of time playing with and trying to figure out. So if I didn't get around to visit you last week you will know why.

Also, I received the "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award" from Linda at The Road Awaits...


Thank you Linda for including me in the sisterhood.  Since I don't have a sister, I am happy to call all my blogging friends sister (except for the guys of course).  It has been so fun and rewarding to meet all of you.  You make me laugh and make me cry and I learn something new each day.

Now the requirements are to share some interesting facts about yourself, and then to pass the award on.

1.  For some interesting facts, I had to think really hard as I'm getting sometimers disease.  Sometimes I can remember and sometimes I can't.  :0)

2.  Along with that, I can't remember how to spell either.

3.  I can't carry a tune if my life depended on it.  When I used to sing to my girls when they were little they would say "Mom, don't sing". :0(

4.  I'm a hoarder.  I hoard magazines and pictures (and a few other things).  It was only a few years ago when I was scrapbooking that I was able to throw away any pictures.  Now that they are all digital they hang out on my computer.  I must get at deleting some.

5.  I don't have a lot of patience  when it comes to figuring out new technology (like the software that came with my camera).

7.  Now after all those negative facts, I am a kind, happy, "the glass is half full" kind of person.  If you have any questions about me, just ask.

 I want to pass this award on to these blogs that inspire me. It was hard to choose as there are so many of you that do inspire me.  I think of all of you as sisters.  Please stop by and say hi to the following.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Day

I'm showing a few more of my green hydrangeas for Green Day over at Rainbows and Daisies. I went out to pick some of the hydrangeas and found this little butterfly or moth sitting on them.

See more green at Raindrops and Daisies.

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Friday Fence

This fence and gate is at the cemetery just outside town.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Abandoned Barn

On one of my road trips I found this abandoned red and aqua barn.  Have you ever seen one this color?  I hadn't.  I drove in the driveway but didn't know if I should be there so only snapped a couple of photos and left.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Greens

I'm linking up with Green Day over at Raindrops and Daisies today.  Here are some of the greens going on in my garden.

Asparagus Fern
I overwintered this.  It was so huge I had to divide it.  So now I have two!

My cherry tomato plant in a pot.  It has lots of little tomatoes called Jelly Beans and one is starting to ripen

The Annabelle Hydrangeas are starting to turn from white to green.  If I pick and dry them now they will stay green.

This is my hardy Hibiscus I planted 2 years ago.  It didn't bloom last year but it has a bud  now.   I can't wait to see what it looks like.  I have been watering almost daily.

For more lovely greens stop  over at Raindrops and Daisies to see what others are sharing.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wyoming Fences

Since I haven't posted any of my Wyoming pictures lately, I thought I would post a couple of fences for Friday Fences with Jan and Jer.

Taken near the Grand Tetons in September 2008

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Back Yard and Surprises

Today I am showing my backyard as it is seen from my kitchen window.  It's where I like to sit and relax, but with this hot weather I haven't enjoyed it much this year.

Added note.  This was taken 2 or 3 weeks ago and the grass is not this green anymore.

My yellow daylilies did much better than the orange ones.

This is my little garden next to the garage that I see when I'm sitting in the back yard.  Not looking so great this year but I did find a surprise.  See the lighthouse birdhouse on the fork handle.  Well a little wren built a nest in it.

Do you see her on the grapevine branch going up the fork handle?

Here you can see the sticks from the nest peaking out the bottom hole.

Another surprise I found in the garden by the house is this sunflower growing from the seeds the birds have scattered.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jesse's Granary

A few weeks back I told you I would show you Jesse's granary.  It sits next to his barn I showed you here.  It was so fun to get up close and personal with it.  I hope you will accept it as a barn for Barn Charm.

I love the stone foundation and all the old wheels he has around it.

To see some real barns check out Barn Charm here.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surprise in the Bean Field

On one of my evening drives I came upon this deer in a bean field.  She was just standing there eating beans, I guess.  She wasn't afraid and kept walking towards the car.  I even got out of the car as she came around behind it and walked across the road.  On the other side she stopped and looked back and then walked on.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Barn, Fence, and Critters

On one of my evening drives in the country, I came across this pretty barn, along with cattle, and fences.  I like the way the late day sun shone on the barn and cattle.

The end.
I guess any of them could have been the end.

We are having some relief from the heat and humidity, but still no rain.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Green Fields of Home

This is a picture of green fields in SW Minnesota.  If we don't get rain soon these beautiful green fields will dry up and the crops lost.

You can click here to hear the song "Green Fields of Home"

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colors in the Garden

Here is what's blooming in my garden now.

Pink Asiatic Lily and Hollyhocks

White Daisies and Hydrangeas

Purple Clematis

 Yellow Daylilies

What's Blooming in your garden?

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