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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunflowers and Ivy blooms

Driving down the highway the other day I came across a couple of fields of sunflowers.  I just had to stop and take some pictures.  While I was taking pictures, two other gals stopped to take pictures also.  I hope you enjoy these sunny flowers

The wind was blowing so they aren't standing as straight and tall as they can.

I wish I had a high powered zoom so that I could have gotten the full effects of the acres of these happy sunny flowers.

Remember the Ivy bloom I showed you in my last post?

I was sure that I had planted an Ivy plant that was almost dead from my mom's pot.  You probably all thought I was crazy thinking the Ivy was blooming.  Well in a way it is, but it is an Ivy Geranium and it is getting another bud on it.  What a nice surprise.  I'll get a picture of it when it opens.

I hope you are all having a good week.


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Miss Kitty said...

Your photos are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them. I had a feeling that sunflowers were blooming somewhere 'cause they were so plentiful at the places that sell cut flowers. I did a blog post recently of a sunflowers in vases. Having each one standing in it's own vase made it easy to appreciate the beauty and detail in each flower.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

I love your photos they are great.

One of my favourite flowers are sunflowers
I love their happy sunshiny faces
and they always manage to brighten my day.

Lucky I didn't pass by that field or I might have come away with armfuls of them!!!!

Thanks for posting the photos.

Have a good day


Debbiedoos said...

Lovely photos...thanks for sharing at the newbie party.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Spectacular Sunflower pics! I love Sunflowers !

My Outdoor Pics

Light and Voices said...

Sunflowers always look so happy. Thanks for posting these for Outdoor Wednesday folks to enjoy too.
Joyce M

Raindrops and Daisies said...


I have a little award for you - will post about it later this morning!


poppilinnstudios said...

Beautiful Sunflowers! I like the mosaic you put together.

Ellie said...

Hi i've come to your visit via Raindrops and Daisies. I LOVE sunflowers and these are great pictures. Such a sunny flower.

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

These are spectacular. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. I even painted one -

Thanks for your visit! Just keep painting. It's a difficult medium, but the colors are beautiful and the cleanup a snap!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

What lovely sunflowers and beautiful sky! LG Tina