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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Really? A Pink Barn

Yes, really. A bright pink barn! On my way home from my daughter's last Sunday I decided to take a different route than I usually do.  What to my surprise when I saw this pink barn.

Not only was the barn pink but most of the other buildings too.  Even the dog house.

All of the buildings were either painted this bright pink or had some part of them painted pink.  The house was gray but had pink shutters.

Amy at Rose Street Reflections  posted a barn with a pink tint today.  Barns are usually red or white, but sometimes yellow or green. But I've never seen a pink one before

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Minnesota is a winter wonderland again today.  Enough already!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

My Booth

Here is it the middle of April and I have not published one post this month.  I have been kind of overwhelmed with life lately.

Last week my daughter came down and helped me redo my booth at the lighting store.  Here is a couple of photos what it looked like when we finished.

There was going to be a Woman's Expo in town over the weekend so I know there would be a lot of ladies around.  I went back today to see if anything sold and it looks so bare.  The table and chairs sold along with some other things.  I didn't have my camera with me so I can't show you what it looks like now.  I need to get it restocked.

I went to my daughter's at Waconia over the weekend to see my granddaughter in another Show Choir.  Besides being in the main choir she and 3 girl friends sang New Girl in Town from Hairspray.  It was so cute.  So fun to spend time with the grandkids.

Sorry I haven't been around much.  I have been visiting some but maybe not commenting.  Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post.

Have a great week and I'll see you next time.


p.s.  All the photos in my header were taken last spring.  We had a few spring like days last week.  This week it it cold again.  I don't think it even got above freezing today. :0(

Saturday, March 29, 2014


It's Random 5 Friday over at Nancy's A Rural Journal.  Well as usual I am a day late and a dollar short. Here are my random 5.

One:  Remember the sights of Spring I posted about 2 weeks ago.  Well they are all covered with that white four letter word again.

Two:  The only signs of Spring now are the flowers I bought for myself.

Three:  It was 3 weeks ago that I came down with this virus, cold, crud, whatever it is.  I still have it but it is much better since I got some antibiotics from my doctor.  It really zapped my energy and I have not felt like doing a darn thing for those 3 weeks.

Four:  I told you I would let you know about the results of my medical tests.  Well they are inconclusive.  I have spots on my lungs that we thought was my thyroid cancer spreading to them.  But the tests didn't show that it was thyroid cancer so now we don't know what it is.  Is it an infection or another type of cancer?  My doctor is sending me to an oncologist at Mayo Clinic.  I have an appointment set up for the middle of April.

Five:  I read Nora Robert's book "The Next Always" while laying on the couch these last weeks.  It is book one in the "Inn Boonsboro Triolgy".  It was nothing too exciting but I am going to read book two, "The Last Boyfriend".  I just picked it up from the library so you know what I'll be doing this weekend.  These old eyes are loving the large print books.

Head on over to A Rural Journal to see what other random things are happening in Blogland.

Thanks for all you thoughts, prayers, and kind comments on my last post.  Thanks to my new followers too.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Look what I see

Some randomness for Friday over at Nancy's A Rural Journal


Could spring be working it's way in.  I see puddles in the driveway.


Temps in the 50's


Green grass peeking through the snow.


A little Spring decorating


This has nothing to do with spring.  It's the fact that I have been sick for the last week and haven't gotten around to posting.  I'm feeling better everyday but still not over this awful cold or virus that I have.  I think everyone around here has had it and it finally got me down.  I will be having some medical tests done next week that have nothing to do with my cold.  I'm asking for your thoughts and prayers as I am not certain what the outcome is going to be.  I will let you know when I find out though.

Thanks for stopping.  Please stop over at Nancy's Blog to see lots more randomness.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1. Three years ago today I published my first post.  It amounted to a couple of sentences and no pictures.  I didn't even know how to upload photos.

2. The name of the blog was barbdelldesigns and my cousin Dell was supposed to be my co-author.  After a year or so when she hadn't written a single post, I decided to go solo and changed the name to Grandma Barbs This and That.

3. This is the first photo I posted and nothing has changed.  It looks exactly the same out the window today.

4. I really need to update the looks of this blog and hope to get at that soon.  But I'm not sure what I want it to look like.  Just a new fresh look.

5. It has been such a great experience and I have made so many wonderful friends in blog land.   Thanks to all of you who have followed me since the beginning and all your kind comments and support.  Thanks to all my new followers too.   Please leave a comment so I can follow you back.

Thanks again!  Love you guys!  :-)
Have a great weekend and I'll see you next time.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Embracing snow and cold

We are a hardy bunch here in Minnesota and a lot of us them are embracing the snow and cold.  However I am not one of them.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy the winter here in Minnesota.

1.  Ice Fishing

2. Snowmobiling

3.Visiting the Ice Caves on Lake Superior.  This photo was shared by my daughter.  She and my son-in-law visited the caves on a very cold day.  You can see more photos of the caves here. I hope you will take the time to check out them out.  They are really something to see and it only happens once about every 5 years or so.  Thousands of people have been visiting them every day.

4. Walking in the snow

5.  Or like me, sitting by the fire looking out at the activity

I know many of you are sick of the snow but there are some that are still enjoying it.  Not me.

Sharing with Nancy over at a Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a good weekend and a Happy Valentines Day.  Someone in my household had a birthday last week and she celebrated everyday by going out to eat with friends and family.  One Friday she went to her daughter's for her granddaughter's Show Choir.  For those of you who don't know what Show Choir is I did a video to give you an idea.  Schools come from all over to compete and it's a big deal.  My granddaughter's choir didn't compete, just did an exhibition because her school was hosting the event.

Here's my granddaughter singing her heart out.  I couldn't catch her with her eyes open

Here's a video of one of their performances.

During the performance of the group before my granddaughter's, the fire alarm went off and we had to clear the auditorium and the school.  Everyone was very calm and orderly.  After a few minutes it was announced that it was a false alarm and we all returned to the auditorium

The auditorium was packed with hundreds of people.  You can see those on the main floor and there were that many or more in the bleachers.  At the end of my granddaughter's performance they tossed dozens of balls in the air and asked everyone to keep them in the air.  

Then they announced the top 6 picks.  After a short break those 6 teams did their routine again and then the winners were announced.  There were 4 teams from Iowa, 3 from South Dakota, 1 from Illinois and several from Minnesota.  The team from Illinois won.  In 2 weeks the teams from my granddaughter's school will be competing in Chicago.

Now you all  have an idea of what Show Choir is

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Well I guess the video didn't work.  Darn.  I keep getting an error when trying to upload it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Barn quilts

I haven't posted a photo of a barn in ages.  I haven't even been out taking pictures of any in this cold snowy weather.  But when I was at my daughter's for Thanksgiving I found these 3 with barn quilts.

I'll be sharing these with Rurality Blog Hop

Rurality Blog Hop #49

Sorry I haven't been around to visit all of you lately.  I'm trying to stay off this computer so I can keep focused on going through my mom's things and cleaning out.  While looking for a bill for her taxes, I started going through my filing cabinet.  I'm happy to say that I found the bill and have cleaned out several file folders.

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